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A hurricane is a nautical storm originating from the west coast of Africa that can generate highly destructive The more scientists understand hurricanes, the better we are able to predict what they will do and when they will make landfall. If you are studying sciences related to the weather, hurricanes are something that you can write about, and with the help of our database of essays about hurricanes, you can find papers with thesis statements and concluding paragraphs you can use as examples for your writing. Show all.

Free Essay on Hurricanes

Hurricanes: Natural Disaster Free Essay Example

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. They cause huge amounts of destruction on land, and threaten lives that they come in contact with. Hurricanes also have an impact on coastal cities, such as New Orleans, the home of many residents. Hurricanes that form inflicts damage that costs up to billions of dollars, and affect coastal cities in a way that can not be undone. So what causes a hurricane to form? Moist air from warm ocean waters, which comes from warm ocean water, is also needed, and wind speeds also increase dramatically, to over a hundred miles per hour.

Hurricanes: Natural Disaster

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What is one of the worst natural disasters known to man. The Hurricane is by far one of the most disastrous natural occurrences ever experienced. More than 60 hurricanes rise from the tropical seas every year and spin over oceans and lands. The storm ironically starts off as a mere wind whirling and slightly lowering pressures. After a while of receiving immense amounts of energy from warm moist air and nurtured by certain conditions of wind and pressure, the storms develop into high intensity full-fledged hurricanes heading toward the North and South Poles.

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