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Life is just a bowl of cherries. After our birth, we go to school and subsequently work until we die with no further progression. Finality in death does not often motivate people to sway from this monotone, predetermined story. But it should. Our lives are blips in the grand scheme of things with no real significance or impact so how do we assign a value to human life? Is a construction worker more valuable than an inventor or a teacher?

The Value of Human Life

The Importance and Value of Human Life - Term Paper - Perfectmatch

Ripley, Amanda. People thought it was unfair that a banker would get more than a soldier from the Pentagon. Society sees the life earning s for each person, and that is how they get the estimated amount People choose the lives and dream jobs they want, therefore, they deserve the amount they get.

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Peter A. Singer and Mark Siegler are the two authors of this article. He is assistant professor of medicine and associate director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Toronto. Siegler got hi medical degree from the University of Chicago. He is the director of the Center.
Many people are convinced that those who make the most money in life are worth a lot more then a person who might be living off minimum wage. It is wrong to believe that just because a person makes more money, they are more useful. Just because a lawyer makes more money, it should not mean that they are worth more then the janitor who cleans his office. After the nine-eleven incident in two thousand and one, families who suffered received money, but a different price was set for each family.

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