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He set forward a non-religious argument against abortion in what he believes is an ethically important similarity between killing adults and killing fetuses. He argues that we need a fresh start to the issue a better way to think. Marquis takes a step back from focusing on the complicated moral status of the fetus, and instead asks seemingly less controversial questions: what makes killing an innocent adult wrong, and what right we adult humans possess not to be killed? His answer serves as the first premise for his argument: killing is prima facie morally wrong because it deprives an individual of their. He argues that killing is prima facie wrong, and that this logic can be applied to a fetus. His main argument implies that it is wrong to kill a fetus because a fetus has a future-like-ours FLO.

Analysis Of Don Marquis Why Abortion Is Immoral

Analysis Of Don Marquis Why Abortion Is Immoral - Words | Cram

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Is Abortion Immoral? When discussing abortion , there are typically two polar opposite views in which to categorize the argument: the pro-life view and the pro- choice view. The pro-lifers would also argue that life begins at conception and are in favor of supporting the life of the child in the womb. However, abortion has been legal since Wade declared that a woman has a constitutional right to privacy, which includes an abortion.

Abortion Is Immoral Analysis

While one point of view allows for abortion the other does not. The issue raises many questions of morality. Is abortion moral? When does it become murder?
Although, in the introduction to his argument, he says they are rare. Marquis bases his entire argument on the basis that a fetus has the same inherent moral value as that of an adult human. Therefore, the thought that any singular abortion is immoral is overwhelming. Abortion has been and continues to be among the most contested and heated debates at least in the U.

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