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This free energy can then be utilized for endergonic reactions that need an input of free energy in order to occur. Thermodynamically unfavorable reactions can be driven if they are coupled to ATP hydrolysis in a new reaction. The structure of adenosine triphosphate ATP is composed. Rather, this system creates energy through the utilization of adenosine triphosphate ATP and creatine phosphate CP. CP is created in the body and uses muscle strands as a way of storage. It is broken around chemicals enzymes to recover ATP, which is likewise stored in the muscle strands.

Adenosine triphosphate

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Creatine phosphate and adenosine diphosphate are put through an endergonic reaction anabolic to make ultimately adenosine triphosphate and creatine. This system is a very rapid production of ATP and usually occurs during short-term and high intensity activities on the muscles. A small amount of creatine phosphate and ATP are already. III Hypothesis Explanation: when light is absorbed by leaf pigments such as chlorophyll A or B, electrons within each photosystem are boosted to a higher energy level. When leaves are put in the water and undergo the process of the light-dependent reaction,. At the end of the electron transport chain, oxygen accepts electrons and takes up protons to form water. Each stage of cellular respiration is important because That cellular respiration is the process by which cells produce adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

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Adenosine triphosphate ATP is a mononucleotide with an adenine base and a ribose sugar to which three phosphate groups are linked. The covalent bond between the second and the third phosphate group is unstable and easily broken by hydrolysis Kent, ATP can therefore store energy so as to be used to drive endergonic reactions through a process of phosphorylation. Phosphorylation refers to the transfer of energy with the addition of a phosphate group from ATP to an endergonic reaction thereby driving them forward.
Glycolysis Glucose cannot be used as directly by cell as a source of energy so cells use ATP as their immediate source of energy. Glycolysis breaks down a gluco There are many similarities and differences between the processes of aerobic respiration and photosynthesis. To start, aerobic respiration can be d What is ATP in terms of molecu

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