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From: Irfan K.
Added: 19.04.2021
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Because I mold my ideas into the sentences without proper thought out or any pre writing. Since I go into , I learned so many good lessons that help me improve to become a better writer. I learned that writing is not just about the thought, but I also have to organize my ideas to match my topic sentence and other bodies paragraph. After I put all of my ideas down then I start working on my outline. After I know where things are going to go in my paper, then the writing after that comes easy. Writing used to be hard for me in high school, but now since I learned how to do an outline writing has become a whole lot easier for me.

English 102 Reflection

Karen's English Blog: Reflective Essay

Now that I have completed the English course, I feel that I have learned more than I was prepared to and gained valuable experience because of the inquiries that we completed and the pieces of work we examined during class. I have always felt like I learned all that I could know about writing papers in high school and that college English courses were unnecessary, and frankly, a waste of time. However, after this English course began, I felt like this English course was different than the other English classes I had taken. All the other English courses I have taken have been very strict in telling me what I am supposed to write about, how I am supposed to write it, and how the message should be delivered. English gave me the freedom that I have never had, which both scared me and excited me at the same time.

Reflective Essay On English 101

As an English student this semester, I have learned how to develop essays in an appropriate educated way in English I have learned how to find and properly use different sources in my essays as well as improving on MLA format. This class has also improved my writing skills in my work place. I presently work as a secretary for a company, and my job consists of writing letters to people from time to time. The skills that I have learned has dramatically improved those letters, allowing them to appear more professional.
Reflective Letter. Throughout the course of this semester I have learned a lot being in English I have become a better writer, at least in my eyes. The different writing assignments were helpful to me using research and asking questions when I was stuck. My progression has included me writing essays, typing blogs, discussing classmates papers, corrections, and becoming open to others criticisms about my work.

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