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Added: 30.03.2021
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The award recognizes "exceptional young scientists who have performed original doctoral thesis research of outstanding scientific quality and achievement in the area of plasma physics. The honor recognizes Shi's thesis with the citation: " For elegantly describing three-wave coupling in plasma modified by oblique magnetic fields, identifying applications including plasma-based laser amplifiers, and adapting quantum field theory to describe plasma physics in the strong-field regime. The "three-wave coupling in plasma" includes the classic interaction of intense laser beams propagating in plasma, where the energy contained in one laser beam can be transferred to the other two beams. If the energy in a long laser pulse is captured by a short laser pulse, the laser intensity can be significantly amplified. The "strong-field regime" refers to the regime in which electromagnetic fields are so intense that relativistic-quantum effects must be considered, such as virtual pairs of particles and anti-particles that undergo constant creation and annihilation, modifying the plasma environment.

Marshall Rosenbluth

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Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award

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If the energy in a long laser pulse is captured by a short laser pulse, the laser intensity can be significantly amplified. It is a textbook-quality thesis that advances our understanding of magnetized plasma implosions, plasma-based laser amplification, and numerical methods to describe strong-field QED plasmas. As it turned out, in having two advisors, I benefited not just from the intersection of their research interests, but also from the union of their research interests and styles. If working with Hong was more about elegant theories and algorithms, then working with Nat was more about imaginative ideas. Together they enabled me to find synergies between quantum field theory and plasma physics, and thus to pursue a certain brand of research that would be hard to imagine as available in graduate programs anywhere else in the world.

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