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In our society today, many of our habitual activities began under a cloud of controversy. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, when we want new policies social habits instituted, even if they would improve our society, we have to first teach the people. More recent studies, however, point out the fact that this daylight savings also comes at a cost. During the first few weeks of daylight savings time, traffic accidents, pedestrian fatality accidents, heart attacks, and a myriad of other events increase dramatically, attributed to the effects of sleep deprivation caused by the one-hour loss when daylight savings time goes into effect. Benjamin Franklin, the father of many things including daylight savings time, is often cited as being oddly wise, considering his purported character flaws. He is, to me, a living example of how one might be a leading figure in one aspect, but prove to be only human in others, much as students find out about themselves when they discover a lack of time management or writing skills that prompts their need for assistance in writing essays, term papers, and the seemingly endless other writing assignments given by their instructors.

Disadvantages Of Daylight Savings Time

Persuasive Essay On Daylight Saving Time | harestua.info

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. From the beginning Congress has had difficulties with the length, start date, and time of year that Daylight - Saving Time occurs. Though Congress has had problems with Daylight - Saving Time both now and in the past it is still hard to determine whether Daylight - Savings is for the greater good of the country or if it is an unneeded hassle. By examining the effects Daylight - Saving Time has on Energy conservation, transportation, and crime it can be decided if continuing to use Daylight - Savings is for the good of the people of America. Daylight - Savings Time was originally created for the specific goal of conserving energy in the country.

Is daylight saving time worth the trouble? Research says no

While some people say they would miss the late evening light, other love the morning light. In Congress passed the law that started Daylight Saving Time three weeks earlier and ended it one week later. This change cost United States companies a lot of money to reset automated equipment, and it also put us more out of sync with Asia and Africa. I personally like waking up for the say and seeing line outside.
Sleep deprivation is becoming a common trend in the United States because of jobs, sleep disorders, school, electronics and busy schedules. A vital part of life is sleep; however, people limit the amount of sleep they get and in return set themselves up for harm. Lack of sleep not only affects adults, but also affects youth and children. People of all ages are operating on only a few hours of sleep each day. It is also proven that sleep disorders can later cause mental illnesses, especially in teens, such as depression and anxiety.

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